Tutor summary, 05 August 2016

What you did or learnt, session 6 (Apps!)

Blog exercise A

  1. Saved a photo (the parrot) from your email to your course flash drive and your Google Drive.
  2. Moved the photo to the ‘images’ Drive folder.
  3. Posted the photo on this course blog.

Google sheets exercise

  1. Dragged a csv format data file (London JSA claimants 2014) to the ‘data’ Drive folder.
  2. Opened the data file in Google Sheets, and continued the exercise as a spreadsheet taster
  3. Added column headings and new columns to the spreadsheet.
  4. Created formulae for total number and percentage of JSA claimants in each London borough.
  5. Sorted the spreadsheet on population % (lowest to highest).
  6. Created a column chart to help visualise the data.
  7. Edited the chart to improve presentation.
  8. Downloaded the spreadsheet to your course flash drive in MS Excel format.
  9. Shared the spreadsheet with everyone else with a bold.org.uk account.
  10. Used Google Docs to embed the chart in a document (this is where we discovered one of the limitations of the Google Apps).

Blog exercise B

  • Made a blog post about what you did or learnt during the session.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Drive, Email, Docs and Sheets (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • WordPress blog (this one).

Author: Earthling

Course tutor, site maintainer.