What we did today and requirements for future courses

Hi everyone hope you all had a good summer break. Was really looking forward to resuming course. Today we started by creating a spreadsheet in”Google Sheets”  this was a business proposal for Training Room Hire and how our business can make a profit from this enterprise. Data included Fixed Cost (course admin equipment), Tutor hourly fee, room hire. We analysed the figures presented to work out how to achieve the greatest profit. Also saw how as a business working together working in Google Sheets is far quicker than doing the same in Excel as able to see each other updates.

Our second session we looked at the course attendance sheet which was in Google Drive. I updated the sheet and was able to see how updates entered are instantaneous. will continue to do this weekly.

Author: Dacey Lee

Courses: Apps for the workplace, Email for the workplace, Slide-deck for the workplace.