New challenges for today

I didn’t sleep well last night. The usual haunting backache threw me out of bed at about 4.30am so I’ve been struggling a bit today. Sorry!

I’ve seen the word IMAP in print before and I’ve also seen the phrase POP3. I don’t know what they mean. Izzy mentioned it today in the context of email. I’m still not certain what these protocols actually mean but I think they have something to do with the earlier architecture of the Internet. It is possible to use an email system that is not reliant on a browser. I think this is how the earliest users of the Internet communicated. It’s very intriguing. I learn more next time.

I have successfully signed on for a free online course from FutureLearn which will enable me to produce a new online CV. This is something that I’ve needed to do for a long time. It’s kind of scary really. I’ve got a lot to write into one but it’s a question of what kind of face you show to prospective employers. Well that worry begins on October 3rd.

Author: Joey West

Courses: Email for the workplace