Tutor summary, 2 September 2016

What you did or learnt, session 8 (Apps!)

Google sheets exercise 3

  1. Saved a CSV format data file (Corporate volunteers by month) from your email to the ‘data’ Drive folder.
  2. Opened the data file in Google Sheets.
  3. Changed the display format of the ‘Month’ column.
  4. Edited the appearance of the colum headings.
  5. Used a function to sum the total number of volunteers since April 2014.
  6. Created a bar chart of volunteer count against month.
  7. Edited the chart to optimise online display.
  8. Shared the chart with everyone in the Bold social enterprise (view option only).
  9. Created a snapshot image of the chart.
  10. Saved the image to the ‘images’ Drive folder, and to your course flash drive.

Blog exercise A

  1. Made a blog post about what you just did.
  2. Inserted the snapshot image below the blog text
  3. Added an image caption, ‘alt text’ and ‘screen reader description’.

Google forms

  • Completed your course evaluation in an online form (responses saved automatically in a spreadsheet).

Blog exercise B

  • Made a final blog post about the course as a whole.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Drive, Email, Docs, Forms and Sheets (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • WordPress blog (this one).

Author: Earthling

Course tutor, site maintainer.