What Dacey did in Employability Club today

Hello Everyone

Today was one of my favorite lessons so far in this course.

Our first exercise was email signature insertion. I created my own email signature for my emails which you can see at the bottom of this emails . In the future I can add additional information to this e.g office address, telephone number.

We then had an exercise in mail merger from a list that was created I sent an email to all the contacts on the list. When the email was drafted I was able to send a test draft to myself before sending to the contact list. Also I was able to add an option to view how many emails were opened.

The last exercise was to create my own contact list then send a merge email with a date and time delay for the recipients to receive the email at a later date.

We also learnt about cookies and what their use are when using a computer.

Dacey Lee
Assistant Manager

Author: Dacey Lee

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