What I did today 23/09/2016

I was pleasantly surprised to understand the true value of taking time to make adjustments to my settings when using the internet, to prevent tracking etc.. so that I do not constantly get overwhelmed & exposed to a constant invasion of my privacy when using the internet.

I am making it a priority to listen and act on the sound advice to religiously change my password on a more frequent basis!

Thanks for this helpful advice Rick!!

Also, I’ve set up a new futurelearn account, which I feel confident setting up on my own personal facebook account, after all, these skills may come in helpful for my future work environment.

I’m especially looking forward to next week’s session, as we will be learning how to set up an email merge!

(I was more familiar with mail-merge, however, I do admit I never quite got the hang of it especially when you need to delete a few addresses, where it’s known to be empty!

But as always I remain open to learning new skills!

Frankie Rose

Author: Frankie Rose

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