Tutor summary, 7 October 2016

What you did or learnt, session 4 (Email for the workplace 1)

Label, filter, archive

  1. Looked at your course email using the ‘Thunderbird’ email client Installed on your flash drive.
  2. Subscribed to the Hackney Community and Voluntary Services (HCVS) email newsletter.
  3. Using the webmail client (ie- using a web browser to access your email), confirmed your subscription.
  4. Added the newsletter to your contacts list.
  5. Created a label for your HCVS newsletters.
  6. Created a filter to handle HCVS newsletters (the filter will assign incoming newsletters to the new label).
  7. Archived HCVS email that you had already read.
  8. Checked your email again using Thunderbird to see how the Thunderbird view had synchronised with the webmail view.
  9. Used an email app on an Android tablet to see how the tablet view had also synchronised.

Blog by email

  1. Sent an email to the course blog to explain what you had just done.
  2. Final blog post by email.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Email (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • Portable Thunderbird email client on flash drive.
  • Android tablets.
  • WordPress blog (this one).

Author: Earthling

Course tutor, site maintainer.