What I did on Friday 6th January 2017

Today I learnt about  document design for the workplace. I found this really interesting and exciting as I had no previous knowledge of designing documents.

The task was to change the design of a document to make it easier for an elderly visually impaired person to easily read the document.

I learnt how to do automatic changes to the document i.e. making changes that would affect the whole document. Whereas I usually did manual changes which did not change the entire document.

I learnt :-

  1. The difference between the main heading, the sub headings and the body of the document.
  2. I practiced how to configure individual styles which included setting the fonts, font size, colour and paragraph tab spacing.
  3. I learnt how to place emphasis on a particular word in a document.
  4. I learnt about themes which are basically collections of styles
  5. Finally, I explored style sets, colours, fonts, and also paragraph spacing

Author: Sam Parker

Courses: Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.