What I did on Wednesday the 4th of January:1st class of the new course.

After we were presented with two copies of the course introduction document;in slightly different formats.

We explored both versions electronically; using Word 2010.

Using ‘Styles’ and ‘Themes’:-

We explored the possibilities of altering the headline, sub-headline and topic-title lines. We altered each aspect of the texts – size, colour and font.

We spent some time on this exercise; changing it all to look rather worse than it did and eventually altering the whole document in a way to suited ourselves.

Penultimately, we explored our GCFLearnFree account.

Finally – as ever, this blog-comment was created.

Author: Harley Shaw

Courses: Apps for the workplace, Email for the workplace, Slide-deck for the workplace, Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.