What I did today 25/1/2017

More practice in creating themes and saving them.

From a recent document I created a Template. I did this by selecting each element in turn and replacing the text within it with its theme designation; Title, Heading 2;4;4 etc. along with Emphasis and Bullet list. This Template 1 was saved both as a Theme and in document form on the flash-drive.

-I was given an un-formatted dummy CV as an email attachment which I downloaded to the flash-drive, from there, using Word 10, I formatted it;creating a title, headings, emphasis and bullet-lists. Once this was done, then redone, the class was given a run-through of the wider possibilities by the tutor.

Author: Harley Shaw

Courses: Apps for the workplace, Email for the workplace, Slide-deck for the workplace, Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.