What I learnt today 18th Jan 2017

I learnt how to distinguish the difference between ‘styles’ and ‘themes’. This new understanding enabled me to feel more confident in attempting to produce a document.

I gradually became familiar with the various menus in the toolbar, and how to apply them to get the desired effects to style  and structure my document. This increased my word processing confidence.

Word processing can usually change from office to office e.g wordpad, microsoft word etc., so the important point to remember is that the  structured design is more important than the word processing  of the document itself.

My confidence is well and truly improved.  I am feeling more confident to attempt designing of a document in a workplace situation, and hope to build further on what Iearnt today.

It seem so simple when you know how, yet  so baffling on my first attempt.

Thanks Rick.

Author: Sam Parker

Courses: Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.