What I learnt today Wednesday 11th January 2017

Today I learnt about formatting styles. Changing the style and its effects on the documents. We were to change these styles automatically and not manually, as we had been changing documents in the past manually without knowing that this was an incorrect way of formatting changes.

We were told that prospective employers would look at your work very unfavourable if manual formatting was used.

This style and formatting was evident in our CVs and I now need to change my CV to make it more Interview / Reader Friendly.

What we must remember is the design of the document is most important followed by word processing the document.

In documents certain formatting styles are only to be used in the Title main Headings and sub headings.

Such examples are:-

  • Shadow
  • Emboss,
  • Superscript
  • bold,
  • underline
  • font faces etc. etc.

Never complicate a document with too many different colours, numerous font sizes, font styles,  italics, strike through etc.  Aim for a very polished and professional looking document.

We were then tasked with changing the document style to make it easier for a visually impaired person to be able to read the document quite easily.

Very interesting and it made me aware of all the bad habits  that I had been using in my documents  that I had picked up in the past

Author: Sam Parker

Courses: Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.