What I did today, 22/2/17

Today I investigated the usefulness of adding multiple email addresses to an IMAP client email (Thunderbird) – so as to collate all incoming mail in one inbox, that can vied without needing to use an internet browser.

In addition to this I was given some insight into what is available to an administrator of a commercial email system; who and when someone logged-in, for instance.

This entire course was a welcome refresher to what I was taught on a similar course some little time ago.

Nowhere else, I’m sure, could I have learned and practiced so much of what is available and useful in an average email account; the file & folder filters will be especially important in my day to day usage.

Thank you Rick Crust and Age UK (East London)

Author: Harley Shaw

Courses: Apps for the workplace, Email for the workplace, Slide-deck for the workplace, Web search for the workplace, Document design for the workplace.