Create Your Future: personal journeys of BAME women in Hackney

Maxine Collins, Programme Coordinator of Create Your Future in Hackney, leads a conversation about how CYF is helping older BAME women. Other voices belong to Deolinda, Jennifer, Rick and Sandra. Date: 22 September 2017.

We record in our workspace training room, with working background noise. It’s not supposed to sound like a studio.

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About Create Your Future

Create Your Future is a pre-employment project for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) women who are not working and not studying.

Maxine’s introduction (transcript)

“Create Your Future is a London-wide project and our lead partner is Community Links. We are funded by the European Social Fund and Big Lottery. The project is for three years.

I am the program coordinator at Hackney CVS. I have been working there since January, first to get the project off the ground, build up partnerships with local community organisations who are delivering workshops, taster sessions, and courses to help unemployed Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women back to work.

The project has been designed for women who are long-term unemployed – perhaps they have been isolated for some time, so we are not only thinking about employability skills, but also personal development.”

Visit Create Your Future at Hackney CVS

The Hackney CVS website address is (not !). Here are some CYF starting points …

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