About the employability project

Help and support for Hackney residents aged 50 to 150, not retired, still in the job market

Free help and support for Hackney seniors still in the job market
Hackney Employability Project is a free resource for Hackney residents, aged 50 and over, who have not retired. We organise training and drop-in sessions every week, with an emphasis on basic skills and awareness for employment and self-employment. Please join us if …

  • You are still in paid employment, full or part-time
  • You are surviving on Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Carers’ Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, or other working-age benefit
  • You are trying to avoid sanctions
  • You are a job seeker who receives no benefits
  • You have reached State Pension age, but have decided to continue job search because you really don’t want to retire
  • You are, or would like to be, self-employed.

If you fit into any of those broad categories, we have something for you. If you are not sure, please come and talk to us about it.

The Employability Project will help you keep in touch with changing expectations and skills in the workplace. We can help you with job search, making CVs, covering letters and similar documents, application forms, help with interview techniques, short courses and workshops focussing on up-to-date digital awareness and workplace practices.

It’s easy to join the Employability Project. Unlike other employability projects, you do not have to be referred by a job centre or the DWP. Refer yourself — no formalities — just come.

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This page was updated: 1 October 2017