I have learned a great deal this afternoon at Rick New Year workshop!

  • Seen the same document layout in two different styles and I was able to change the font size, colour, emphasis to demonstrate how these changes could be made throughout the entire document.
  • No manual alterations are to be made ever
  • Everything must be carried out using the modify option!!!
  • It has been creative, fun and enlighting learning to make so much changes in such a short time.
  • I will find todays very useful when considering creating documents.
  • I was also given much support from Tom and our wonderful volunteers Laura Turnbull, Laura Turner

Reece and the slide deck

I was part of the team that created the Showcase Slide Deck.

I have found the Showcase Slide Deck Workshop very useful in enabling me to create words over images, around Employability,  using slides to showcase, new ways of approaching applying for work and being able to demonstrate, the use of navigating around the use of the PC.

The Venue was comfortable and the course was delivered in a very professional Manner, with Helpful volunteers, who offer one to one help with completing tasks.

this course has given me a sense of worth and i have gain confidence in searching and following instruction with support in starting and finishing tasks at hand.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has not used a PC before, or has been out of touch for a while.

Receiving an certificate makes me feel good and valued.