I completed my e-mail course at Employability Club today

Today I learnt about creating filters for e-mail – this was something I’ve needed to learn about for a long time and I can see that it will be very useful to me.

It was very useful looking at e-mail in a completely professional way. It wasn’t something that I thought about in this way and I think I took it somewhat for granted.

I learnt also different ways of thinking about email as a vehicle of communication and that it can actually provide a root to total organisation of work processes.

Thank you – This entire course was was a good experience for me.

New challenges for today

I didn’t sleep well last night. The usual haunting backache threw me out of bed at about 4.30am so I’ve been struggling a bit today. Sorry!

I’ve seen the word IMAP in print before and I’ve also seen the phrase POP3. I don’t know what they mean. Izzy mentioned it today in the context of email. I’m still not certain what these protocols actually mean but I think they have something to do with the earlier architecture of the Internet. It is possible to use an email system that is not reliant on a browser. I think this is how the earliest users of the Internet communicated. It’s very intriguing. I learn more next time.

I have successfully signed on for a free online course from FutureLearn which will enable me to produce a new online CV. This is something that I’ve needed to do for a long time. It’s kind of scary really. I’ve got a lot to write into one but it’s a question of what kind of face you show to prospective employers. Well that worry begins on October 3rd.

What I made a mess of today….

Well, it all began well but in the end I was flummoxed by embedding images into an email, but successes included speaking with people who are also taking the course.

It was interesting to find out from people that email and control of it is an issue for all. It can be issues as simple as how to deal with spam that can sully people’s experience of using email.

Unfortunately for job seekers the consequences of difficulties with email can be extremely severe, particularly with the power of benefit sanctions hanging overhead.

Our quest continues.


It worked!!

Joey’s First steps

This was a good day. A start, a beginning, a step, something to build on. I learnt what ‘the cloud’ is today. I’ve heard the phrase thrown around by many and had a vague understanding of what it is; now I understand it is as a database. I’ll go and play about with Google Docs when I go home as I already have a Google email account. It was great to see how I can use Google Docs in the future – I didn’t realise that it was that easy. Fantastic.

Employability? It’s just what I want to be

It’s funny how things can work out. Connections are surprising things – you connect with a place for one reason and it can work out that you gain something else. I connected with the Employability Club because I was looking for something for my son to do during the summer and it looks like now that I’ve found something very significant to do for myself.