What I did in class today


Today I started by looking at a Desktop email client “Thunderbird” this is one of many free providers available.

Next I learnt how to sort inbox and how to change format e.g sort by date order. then how to manager emails by creating folders and labels. This exercise was very helpful as it showed me how to manage emails by putting all contacts in labels.

I then looked at my tablet and was able to see my email on the tablet was synchronized with the labels I had set up.

Finished the lesson by completing online course assessment survey.

Very good last lesson for the course.

Good Luck to you all.

Dacey Lee

What Dacey did in Employability Club today

Hello Everyone

Today was one of my favorite lessons so far in this course.

Our first exercise was email signature insertion. I created my own email signature for my emails which you can see at the bottom of this emails . In the future I can add additional information to this e.g office address, telephone number.

We then had an exercise in mail merger from a list that was created I sent an email to all the contacts on the list. When the email was drafted I was able to send a test draft to myself before sending to the contact list. Also I was able to add an option to view how many emails were opened.

The last exercise was to create my own contact list then send a merge email with a date and time delay for the recipients to receive the email at a later date.

We also learnt about cookies and what their use are when using a computer.

Dacey Lee
Assistant Manager

What I learnt this morning

Today I registered for an online CV Writing course with Futurelearn .com I was able to see other courses on their website I might be interested in for the future.

I also learnt more what the various setting are and how to change them on my own computer. We also talked about the importance of Password security and the reasons behind changing your password every three months.

We also looked at emails and links within an email and how to open the links.


What I did at Employability today

Today I learnt to to save attachments sent to me via emails first to my Google Drive then saved onto my flash drive.

I then sent an email to the Blog Post with the photo attachments I had saved on my flash drive.

Another exercise I completed was to Import my contact list from my flash drive to contacts in my Google Mail account. I then sent an email from the contact list to “Mail Team”


Employability Course Dacey Lee

From attending this course I feel very confident with what I have learnt most useful  learning about google apps in particular creating documents and spreadsheets accessing our work from google cloud and I have continued to do this with my personal documents. How to take images and store and sharing them in emails and blog-post. Also found lessons on Slack and short video making and sharing useful. This course has given me  confidence and the tools that will help me with my future employment. Looking forward to the next course if I am accepted.


What we did today and requirements for future courses

Hi everyone hope you all had a good summer break. Was really looking forward to resuming course. Today we started by creating a spreadsheet in”Google Sheets”  this was a business proposal for Training Room Hire and how our business can make a profit from this enterprise. Data included Fixed Cost (course admin equipment), Tutor hourly fee, room hire. We analysed the figures presented to work out how to achieve the greatest profit. Also saw how as a business working together working in Google Sheets is far quicker than doing the same in Excel as able to see each other updates.

Our second session we looked at the course attendance sheet which was in Google Drive. I updated the sheet and was able to see how updates entered are instantaneous. will continue to do this weekly.

What I did today

In today’s lesson I first created a new Blog titled “Parrot on a Bike”  This was shared with everyone at the Bold.org website.

We then worked on Google Sheets studying data from spreadsheets relating to JSA claimants 2014 from all London Boroughs. We then added additional columns and headers,  formulas for totals and percentages.

The data was then converted into a bar chart and then edit changes to the text, size, color etc. All work was saved on the Google Drive docs and on the Hard-drive. VERY GOOD LESSON


Todays update from Dacey

Today I started by creating an A5 Flyer promoting the benefits of Employability Club. The Flyer was then posted on the blog to share with everyone at “Bold” I also shared the video I made last week on the blog.

Very pleased with what I have achieve to far.