What I learned today

Continuation of document design including saving the document with a new name. after re-formatting saved  as a document template. Downloaded document from email and added structure and style to an unformatted CV. Modified the document paragraph spacing format and colours. My format is now saved in ‘Themes’.

What I learned today

Retrieving documents, re-structuring document. Edit the style of whole document, Keyboard  shortcut – Ctrl S/O/N. The font for people with impaired vision is at least 14points.  From menu-Layout-columns-list to arrange a list on the page.  Page layout-Themes -Save current theme and naming my own theme.  Saving document in PDF format.

What I learned today

Formatting with ‘Styles’ function . Modifying Titles, headers, fonts, colours, paragraphs, spacing, bullet points. How to use page break from (insert).
Altered margins -left/right and top/bottom.

Used page Layout-Themes  and found other options (I chose ‘essential’) but the structure remained as I had set.

I re-formatted the document ‘What employers are looking for’ to make the document clearer and therefore more readable.

What I learned today

Started Document design for the workplace course – including opening my G Suite  account and a GCF learnfree account.

Most importantly using ‘Styles’ to change the ‘Theme’ and design a document first before word processing to keep consistency, and not using manual formatting.

Through Page Layout – themes- the whole ‘Styles’ preview could be changed. Through ‘Change Styles’ I could modify the -font, colour, style set and paragraph spacing.

what I did today

Spreadsheet formulae- using formula bar to change the % rate.
Search exercise for an All IN One computer: description finding a review and a price to suit our mission.  Finding the specifications that we require for a refurbished AIO PC and entring our answers to a survey.

Searched and saved a relevant,  recent medium sized colour photo and saved the image

What I learned today

Looked at a ‘Which’ magazine review of different laptop tests for the domestic consumer market.  Checked out the specifications of ‘Asus’ E200 from an article. We searched for 3 images labelled for non-commercial use and larger than 400×300 pixels and saved them to ‘Downloads’.  We searched for refurbished laptops using the ‘Tools’ button investigating size, colour, type and usage rights. Searched for a screen size of at least 10 inches high and entered the results onto a spreadsheet.


Evren Gray course evaluation

The course ‘Apps’ for work from July to September was very interesting and enjoyable, learning about the ‘cloud’, using thee flash-drive rather than the laptop was interesting as it showed extra security, I liked importing images `and inserting them into documents,using spreadsheets, manipulating data, also adding and editing charts was interesting.  The drag and drop method was quite enjoyable and efficient way to move documents around.

What Evren Gray did today

Today we created a google sheets document and column chart of data recording the percentages of JSA claimants of London boroughs in 2014.  We entered formulae to change number totals to percentages and set the data out in A-Z form to make it easier to understand.  We also edited text size, font size and text angles on the axis.

We also published a blog post of ‘the Parrot’ image.

Evren Grays’ update of todays learning

Good morning today has been a challenging yet exciting days work, including a review of last weeks’ video work which we uploaded to the vimeo account, revising the ‘Cloud’ looking at a ‘small businesses strategy’, a walkthrough of making a simple blog post, a walkthrough creating an A5 and Google Doc with the team.

Evren Gray and the Peppers

A variety of peppersThis variety of peppers were taken at the employability club in Hackney. This was my first photograph of a variety of peppers as part of the Apps for work course. It was good practice but needed more refinement such as positioning the camera to capture the peppers more closely and less of the table.  I hope to improve by the end of the course.