What I did today: Label, filter and achive -Managing my emails sent from Futurelearn

Today was another helpful, useful learning achievement!

It was great learning how to address and filter incoming emails, so they are labelled to be pre-designated into a specified folder.

I know from past experience that I learn and pick things up *(Sometimes really quick, other times and solely dependent on the amount of air space inside my head at any one given time!)

(It can take a while to sink in, settle and register!) LOL!!

Thankfully, today my brain was very much engaged & it functioned extremely well, as I was able to follow all of the given instructions provided in it’s correct sequence and formats….. Yippeee!!

I would say this was solely down to having an early night & a good nights sleep as I’m not much of a late night person!

So all the information flowed really well today.

I’m extremely proud of my achievements.

Thanks again Rick, you did it again!

What I learnt today.

I was happy to learn about how important it is to set up folders and action my emails as I go along.

Currently I have a vast significant amount of unread emails that require sorting and deleting as these are jamming up my inbox for no real apparent reason!

Now I have been armed with the relevance of archiving I shall make this a priority!

I need to ensure that I make good use of what i have learnt today as it was priceless.

What I did today 23/09/2016

I was pleasantly surprised to understand the true value of taking time to make adjustments to my settings when using the internet, to prevent tracking etc.. so that I do not constantly get overwhelmed & exposed to a constant invasion of my privacy when using the internet.

I am making it a priority to listen and act on the sound advice to religiously change my password on a more frequent basis!

Thanks for this helpful advice Rick!!

Also, I’ve set up a new futurelearn account, which I feel confident setting up on my own personal facebook account, after all, these skills may come in helpful for my future work environment.

I’m especially looking forward to next week’s session, as we will be learning how to set up an email merge!

(I was more familiar with mail-merge, however, I do admit I never quite got the hang of it especially when you need to delete a few addresses, where it’s known to be empty!

But as always I remain open to learning new skills!

Frankie Rose

What I did today

Today was a great start as we learnt how to prepare an email via .logging into my bold account.

I sent an email to my team as a team leader thanking them for their hard work on a recent contract which enabled us to complete on time and within budget.  This was rewarded with a team evening out & meal.

The other part of the session was to compose an email to the team at bold and download three attachments into the email using google drive to provide evidence that I was able to preform this task.

However, I did encounter some issues regarding the size of the pictures!

*(This reminds me to double check that I save my attachments in the documents file for future reference.

All together this was a worthwhile exercise.

I hope this blog has been useful.


Frankie Rose

Team Leader

Linda’s experience attending the Apps employability Course

I would positively encourage anyone who has no experience or skills around using computers to attend this course.

I believe it has been helpful in providing me with greater confidence in understanding how a variety of packages operate & their usefulness in the general corporate world at large, which included, Google: drive, google sheets, Cloud & Slack, etc

It enabled me to gain a better understanding of exploring & developing ‘learning   something new’, I felt fully engaged and committed to attending and completing these sessions & would definitely like to continue learning new elements at this pace.

Final & closing points

I greatly appreciate and take this opportunity to Say:  A Big Thank you to the course Tutor Rick Crust who made it all interesting & possible.


My spreadsheet event by Frankie Rose

Today’s event was excellent as I was able to prepare a spreadsheet to show data of all the volunteers who assisted and attended the employability course from this session.

This data was segmented into months and provided a bird’s eye view at a glance, so was productive in terms learners gaining useful transferable skills for the future from corporate companies releasing their employees to share their own knowledge and skills base with those who are seeking to equip them in searching for employment in the future.

This was an excellent exercise for learners!

Bar graph of corporate volunteers attending course 2015-2016.
Spreadsheet of data showing corporate volunteers attending course in bar-chart format by month.

Think of the future ahead.

As I am now confidently finding my way around the idea of learning and exploring new skills, I would like to utilise and gain further skills in the future.

What exactly, I am not yet totally sure, however, I am keen to learn and develop useful transferable skills which would enable me to move away from the ‘normal’ 9-5 slug and find something enjoyable to occupy my time whilst engineering a decent income at the same time, which is fun & flexible too.


Today’s blog highlights spread sheet formula & applications

I was so happy with today’s learning experience as we looked at setting up a course based on making a profit for a training room hire event.

There was much to consider including fixed costs associated like your admin cost,publicity/promotion,equipment & how many students to accommodate.

The best part was working out tutor costs and room hire information as well as how many sessions would be required to break even.

On entering statistical data, it worked out well, so watch this space for the future!

Feeling confident for the next time.