What I learnt On the course

The email course opened my eyes to more knowledge.

I have learnt so much about email from Rick :  composing, sending, labeling, filtering and attachment.  He went further in showing us how to sign our names and even our title at the end so that the reader knows who it is from and makes it official.

Today, we refreshed our memory on what we did last week and used our ‘keepass’ programme.  We setup and was given information about Thunderbird that it is a free package allowing it to be an Outlook client.  He also showed us and tell us about being an Administrator for the email domain and what information we can obtain from it.

Finally, emailing our certificate to ourselves.

What I Did Today

It was wonderful today. I learnt a lot.

We did a refresher on email and its attachment from last week. We then continued to create labels for our incoming emails and filter and archive.

We now understood and view email as a different animal (smile).

We then got deeper and serious into passwords and how we can use one of many password programme. We follow exercise on how to create long and complexed password that could last over 50 years.


All the courses which were introduced to us and used as activities were genuine skills for the commercial and organisation workplace..

Thanks to Rick and the Employability Club I am able to go out in the workplace gaining relevant knowledgeable about mobile and apps.  At the least able to carry my own in a group of professional workers.

My Testimonial Post for what I did today

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity I have been given because of your kind generosity in Granting us your monetary fund.

I have learnt so far.many different apps including today.  I have been able to use Google bold.org.uk. and from there I was able to use Google Drive.  Publishing my work and include it in my team work.

Queenie and Joyce with a laptop and microphone
Queenie (right) interviewing Joyce (left). The other learners were in the training room – listening to the live stream, making notes.