what i learnt in todays’ session

The  topic of todays’ session was to use skills previously taught during course covering CV formatting exercises, to modify a template CV by including structure styles, colours, different fonts and sizes.  Also heading formatting some listed below:

Title heading;  Headings no.1,2,3,4,5; sub-headings;  Colour, font sizes, spacing ,bullet points etc.

This will help to promote a modern looking  CV profile with the ability to get short listed to an prospective employer.

lex miller

todays learning and what i did

In today lesson we discussed the basic digital skills framework i.e.

Managing information, Communicating, Transacting and Problem-solving as part of  creating basic digital content.

Also the use of gaining employability skills and producing  modern word processed documents including CV’s suitable for todays modern working market.

Today subject was continuation of formatting excersise with document themes, using headings, titles, bullet points, style changes , fonts and colours to make good impression with documents for prospective employers.

What i learnt today!

Today i learnt about formatting a document.  The lay-out, using best type fonts, size of fonts.  Also how to emphasise information by hi-lighting words or sentences by using bold letters, italic letters, changing fonts sizes, alignments, colour and spacing.

Not forgetting when sending documents to use PDF format to prevent changes being made.

searching for ALL IN ONE PCs

Today we searched for All IN ONE PC’s had to research what how a all in one PC differs from normal PCs.  The Unit contains screen, operating system, hard drive, memory and can be produced as desk top or lap top version.  Looked at refurbished quality PCs and budget price range. most important for our group was screen size and operation system suitable for our project.  Best Price was 249.00

What Lex did

Today we discuss in depth screen ratios and optimon  size screens and aspect needed to for our new company laptops.

Which magazine laptop test survey was helpful for selecting specifications and price point.

We were able to calculate correct height of screen required by using spread sheet table.

Also sourced pictures of hackney shop fronts via wed site for blog.


What Lex did

Today we searched for retail prices for Operating Systems such as:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.

Microsoft Office not-subscribed

MacBook Pro 15″

which we added to our procurement team spreadsheet.  Discussed  best screen aspect sizes, storage, memory , AppleMac OS Linux and ChromeOS.

Learnt alot today about the operating system  which will help future purchasing.


What i did today at employability club

I reviewed last weeks tasks learnt. to create labels and manage in-coming emails, also filter emails so new emails are delivered correctly.  Today was about re-inforcement  of learnt skills, using “setting” and other appropriate features to assist with efficient movement of arriving emails and automatic delivery to selective label addresses.  Therefore enhancing better management as emails are self sorted to correct destination.  No more laborious manual movement of each email to label.

Thank you Izzy.



mail merge and spread sheets

All is well,

Today lesson was about mail merging and our sampled by making a small spread sheet information, then sent using mail merge system. once i understood how to input the data using (angle bracket symbols) things became clearer for me.

Can now use that information when sending multiple copy letter.

Job well done! Rick.

Yes! i’d be interested to learn more on spread sheets to help me back into work??

Lex Miller

Lex Miller
Performance Technical Adviser

what i did in todays lesson

We made a lot of progress today.  Learnt how to make our email user sites more secure by reviewing programme settings. Signed up for on-line CV building course and many other things.

Good course,  making very good progress.

Thank you for creating this course, this has all the ingredience of modern things i need to learn to go forward.

Thank you Rick!



What i did today

My first day at employability club. We had a huge amount of learning to take on board all within a small time scale.  However,  the programme is very informative and extremely useful to me going forward for any new venture i become involved in joining.

Looking forward to next weeks session and many thanks to the volunteer who was a huge help.

Many thanks to the organiser rick crust