What I did today, 22/2/17

Today I investigated the usefulness of adding multiple email addresses to an IMAP client email (Thunderbird) – so as to collate all incoming mail in one inbox, that can vied without needing to use an internet browser.

In addition to this I was given some insight into what is available to an administrator of a commercial email system; who and when someone logged-in, for instance.

This entire course was a welcome refresher to what I was taught on a similar course some little time ago.

Nowhere else, I’m sure, could I have learned and practiced so much of what is available and useful in an average email account; the file & folder filters will be especially important in my day to day usage.

Thank you Rick Crust and Age UK (East London)

What I learned today: 15/2/17

Today was a refresher for me. A re-run of Email filters, labels and archiving. All vital aspects of Email management.

The highlight was an introduction to password security, especially securing intricate/elaborate/long password creation and storing – using the KeePass software. A PC or portable Flash-Drive secure storage facility.

Harley Shaw

What I did and learned today, 1/2/17

On finding a new email in my gmail account which contained pictures of pubs in Hackney…

-I first uploaded each picture to ‘My Drive’.

-Next I downloaded each picture to the ‘Downloads’ folder on the course Flash Drive.

From here I practised attaching these same pictures to emails; from gmail and Thunderbird.

I was then taken on a walk-through of the email web-page;the various folders etc.

Things did indeed go swimmingly today, if this holds-up we should be able to cover all aspects of emailing and practise much, the better to get the hang of things.

And, it was all fun.

What I did today 25/1/2017

More practice in creating themes and saving them.

From a recent document I created a Template. I did this by selecting each element in turn and replacing the text within it with its theme designation; Title, Heading 2;4;4 etc. along with Emphasis and Bullet list. This Template 1 was saved both as a Theme and in document form on the flash-drive.

-I was given an un-formatted dummy CV as an email attachment which I downloaded to the flash-drive, from there, using Word 10, I formatted it;creating a title, headings, emphasis and bullet-lists. Once this was done, then redone, the class was given a run-through of the wider possibilities by the tutor.

What I learned today – 18/1/17

From the given un-formatted document I created a new ‘theme’ title, headings and body-text.

This new them I then saved within the Word-10 system;naming it Tom1

Then, calling-up a new document, I chose ‘Tom1’ as my theme and created an entirely new document.

This I then saved under ‘Session 3’ on the course Flash-Drive in ‘pdf’ format.

It was, again, rather a bother that the programs on the laptops we use were set-up differently from the one on which the course was originated – even though our Tutor Rick went to great lengths to use Word 2010, as this is the software in the IT suit Age UK hires for this purpose.

11/1/2017:What I learned today…

The day began in an unusual way;with a short talk from a representative of ‘Reed’, a company with a contract from the DWP to offer employability advice locally.

As part of their contract ‘Reed’ offer this help to people over 50 years of age – the age group Age UK (East London) is concerned with.

After this we had a short recap of the work we did last week;then we expanded upon that. With reformatting;changing themes etc.

Finally, I reformatted one ’emploability’ document in order to make it more readily accessible to someone with impaired eyesight;easier to read.

What I did on Wednesday the 4th of January:1st class of the new course.

After we were presented with two copies of the course introduction document;in slightly different formats.

We explored both versions electronically; using Word 2010.

Using ‘Styles’ and ‘Themes’:-

We explored the possibilities of altering the headline, sub-headline and topic-title lines. We altered each aspect of the texts – size, colour and font.

We spent some time on this exercise; changing it all to look rather worse than it did and eventually altering the whole document in a way to suited ourselves.

Penultimately, we explored our GCFLearnFree account.

Finally – as ever, this blog-comment was created.

What I did on Wednesday the 14th of December…

Quite a busy day:

We read through a table on laptop comparisons from Which! magazine, and investigated the information contained there.

We explored another (deeper) level of web search;using the various criteria available;All, Image etc.

Under the image search we worked to find images of at least a ‘given dimension’ that were free to use – and amend, in a non-commercial setting. These were of shop-fronts in the Hackney area. These (3) I then saved to to the Flash Drive ‘pictures’ folder and to my Google Drive cloud account.

I then returned to the Procurement Team Sheet to work with the screen-aspect tool. This gives figures on screen height and width for a given diameter, in a whole range of different screen-aspects

What I did on the 8th of December…

We continued to practice internet searches. Today we were tasked to answer a set of questions regarding the retail prices of Windows software and Apple hardware then to add these into our spreadsheet.

I discovered that the prices shown varied widely;this I was informed was because some versions of the software had been extracted from old equipment, then sold-on as refurbished.