Mail-merge 30/09/2016

Hello each,

Wow! Another great leap forward on the jobs-skills journey.

Today we turned to the subject of email merging:the sending of one email to many recipients at one and the same time.

And the tracking of those emails; the better to know that all were at least opened.

Unfortunately we were not able to test the ‘send later’ facility as this now requires the purchase of an annual licence.

All of this was managed from the one – gmail – account. Utilizing the integral cloud-drive’s Sheets’ application.

All for now,

Harley Shaw:
Marketing Intern with Bold:

A message for Blog Mail. From Harley Shaw at Bold.

Hello Blog,

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All the best,

Harley Shaw:
Marketing Intern with Bold:

What I did today at the employability club…

Hi there,

I’ve being doing email all wrong – who knew?

The structured approach to email has taught me a great deal about the many bad habits I’ve picked up over the years.

I can now see where so much of time goes – in the  future I will save so much time, and get so much more done.

-Importing contacts

-Saving files to the cloud & to the flash drive

-attaching files and inserting them into the text-body of an email…

All very useful stuff.


Google Sheets: Learning the ropes…

‘Excel’ with all the anxiety removed:

We were given a slightly simplified business scenario; to develop, expand, and manipulate. Working from a question-sheet we were asked to complete the layout of a profit against cost spread sheet. This required us to alter the variables to in order to arrive at an optimum number of clients, sessions and desired profit level:In accordance with known market rates.

This exercise clearly showed the effectiveness of spread-sheet formula calculations to bring about real-time effects of changes to client numbers and increased overhead costs. Turning ‘what-ifs’ into resultant effects.

A productive, yet enjoyable morning’s work.

Harley’s doings for – Friday 5/8/16

Today was all about ‘Google Sheets’ accessed in the Cloud associated with my ‘’ gmail account.

I took a data-sheet concerned with JSA claimant numbers in London as of 2014, sorted by borough.

I extended the data to reveal percentages by population and arranged them in ascending order – from Richmond upon Thames (the lowest %), to Hackney (the highest % – but only just)

From this I generated a (column) Bar Chart;added textual context and downloaded this all to the Flash Drive, and copied it to the ‘data’ file on my Google drive.

Harley’s hard work;29/07/2016

After a short recap of what we have done and learned so far, we began the process of creating an A5 flyer.

Working through a tailor-made activity sheet:We began by accessing Google Docs via our in-class Gmail account.

The task was completed by our sharing our flyer with the class on the ‘Bold’ website, and noting that copies of them all were also to be seen on our individual Google Drive accounts.