What I Did Today

It was wonderful today. I learnt a lot.

We did a refresher on email and its attachment from last week. We then continued to create labels for our incoming emails and filter and archive.

We now understood and view email as a different animal (smile).

We then got deeper and serious into passwords and how we can use one of many password programme. We follow exercise on how to create long and complexed password that could last over 50 years.

What I learned today: 15/2/17

Today was a refresher for me. A re-run of Email filters, labels and archiving. All vital aspects of Email management.

The highlight was an introduction to password security, especially securing intricate/elaborate/long password creation and storing – using the KeePass software. A PC or portable Flash-Drive secure storage facility.

Harley Shaw

What I did and learned today, 1/2/17

On finding a new email in my gmail account which contained pictures of pubs in Hackney…

-I first uploaded each picture to ‘My Drive’.

-Next I downloaded each picture to the ‘Downloads’ folder on the course Flash Drive.

From here I practised attaching these same pictures to emails; from gmail and Thunderbird.

I was then taken on a walk-through of the email web-page;the various folders etc.

Things did indeed go swimmingly today, if this holds-up we should be able to cover all aspects of emailing and practise much, the better to get the hang of things.

And, it was all fun.