Tutor summary, 2 September 2016

What you did or learnt, session 8 (Apps!)

Google sheets exercise 3

  1. Saved a CSV format data file (Corporate volunteers by month) from your email to the ‘data’ Drive folder.
  2. Opened the data file in Google Sheets.
  3. Changed the display format of the ‘Month’ column.
  4. Edited the appearance of the colum headings.
  5. Used a function to sum the total number of volunteers since April 2014.
  6. Created a bar chart of volunteer count against month.
  7. Edited the chart to optimise online display.
  8. Shared the chart with everyone in the Bold social enterprise (view option only).
  9. Created a snapshot image of the chart.
  10. Saved the image to the ‘images’ Drive folder, and to your course flash drive.

Blog exercise A

  1. Made a blog post about what you just did.
  2. Inserted the snapshot image below the blog text
  3. Added an image caption, ‘alt text’ and ‘screen reader description’.

Google forms

  • Completed your course evaluation in an online form (responses saved automatically in a spreadsheet).

Blog exercise B

  • Made a final blog post about the course as a whole.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Drive, Email, Docs, Forms and Sheets (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • WordPress blog (this one).

Linda’s experience attending the Apps employability Course

I would positively encourage anyone who has no experience or skills around using computers to attend this course.

I believe it has been helpful in providing me with greater confidence in understanding how a variety of packages operate & their usefulness in the general corporate world at large, which included, Google: drive, google sheets, Cloud & Slack, etc

It enabled me to gain a better understanding of exploring & developing ‘learning   something new’, I felt fully engaged and committed to attending and completing these sessions & would definitely like to continue learning new elements at this pace.

Final & closing points

I greatly appreciate and take this opportunity to Say:  A Big Thank you to the course Tutor Rick Crust who made it all interesting & possible.



All the courses which were introduced to us and used as activities were genuine skills for the commercial and organisation workplace..

Thanks to Rick and the Employability Club I am able to go out in the workplace gaining relevant knowledgeable about mobile and apps.  At the least able to carry my own in a group of professional workers.

Evren Gray course evaluation

The course ‘Apps’ for work from July to September was very interesting and enjoyable, learning about the ‘cloud’, using thee flash-drive rather than the laptop was interesting as it showed extra security, I liked importing images `and inserting them into documents,using spreadsheets, manipulating data, also adding and editing charts was interesting.  The drag and drop method was quite enjoyable and efficient way to move documents around.

Employability Course Dacey Lee

From attending this course I feel very confident with what I have learnt most useful  learning about google apps in particular creating documents and spreadsheets accessing our work from google cloud and I have continued to do this with my personal documents. How to take images and store and sharing them in emails and blog-post. Also found lessons on Slack and short video making and sharing useful. This course has given me  confidence and the tools that will help me with my future employment. Looking forward to the next course if I am accepted.


My spreadsheet event by Frankie Rose

Today’s event was excellent as I was able to prepare a spreadsheet to show data of all the volunteers who assisted and attended the employability course from this session.

This data was segmented into months and provided a bird’s eye view at a glance, so was productive in terms learners gaining useful transferable skills for the future from corporate companies releasing their employees to share their own knowledge and skills base with those who are seeking to equip them in searching for employment in the future.

This was an excellent exercise for learners!

Bar graph of corporate volunteers attending course 2015-2016.
Spreadsheet of data showing corporate volunteers attending course in bar-chart format by month.

Tutor summary, 26 August 2016

What you did or learnt, session 7 (Apps!)

Google sheets exercise 1

You edited a spreadsheet (in Google Sheets) to simulate making a simplified business decision.

Your mission was

You have been given responsibility for organising a computer course for clients who can afford to pay for it. Given real data about training room hire and other costs – how much would you charge individual clients

  • To break even?
  • To make a profit of £1000?
  • To ensure that clients would not have to pay more than £150 for the course?

The mission was successful.

Google sheets exercise 2

  • Used a shared Google Sheet to record your attendance at these classes.

Blog exercise

  • Made a blog post about what you did or learnt during the session.

Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Drive, Email and Sheets (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • WordPress blog (this one).

What we did today and requirements for future courses

Hi everyone hope you all had a good summer break. Was really looking forward to resuming course. Today we started by creating a spreadsheet in”Google Sheets”  this was a business proposal for Training Room Hire and how our business can make a profit from this enterprise. Data included Fixed Cost (course admin equipment), Tutor hourly fee, room hire. We analysed the figures presented to work out how to achieve the greatest profit. Also saw how as a business working together working in Google Sheets is far quicker than doing the same in Excel as able to see each other updates.

Our second session we looked at the course attendance sheet which was in Google Drive. I updated the sheet and was able to see how updates entered are instantaneous. will continue to do this weekly.