Harley’s doings for – Friday 5/8/16

Today was all about ‘Google Sheets’ accessed in the Cloud associated with my ‘Bold.org.uk’ gmail account.

I took a data-sheet concerned with JSA claimant numbers in London as of 2014, sorted by borough.

I extended the data to reveal percentages by population and arranged them in ascending order – from Richmond upon Thames (the lowest %), to Hackney (the highest % – but only just)

From this I generated a (column) Bar Chart;added textual context and downloaded this all to the Flash Drive, and copied it to the ‘data’ file on my Google drive.

My Testimonial Post for what I did today

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity I have been given because of your kind generosity in Granting us your monetary fund.

I have learnt so far.many different apps including today.  I have been able to use Google bold.org.uk. and from there I was able to use Google Drive.  Publishing my work and include it in my team work.

Queenie and Joyce with a laptop and microphone
Queenie (right) interviewing Joyce (left). The other learners were in the training room – listening to the live stream, making notes.

Todays update from Dacey

Today I started by creating an A5 Flyer promoting the benefits of Employability Club. The Flyer was then posted on the blog to share with everyone at “Bold” I also shared the video I made last week on the blog.

Very pleased with what I have achieve to far.


Evren Grays’ update of todays learning

Good morning today has been a challenging yet exciting days work, including a review of last weeks’ video work which we uploaded to the vimeo account, revising the ‘Cloud’ looking at a ‘small businesses strategy’, a walkthrough of making a simple blog post, a walkthrough creating an A5 and Google Doc with the team.

Joey’s First steps

This was a good day. A start, a beginning, a step, something to build on. I learnt what ‘the cloud’ is today. I’ve heard the phrase thrown around by many and had a vague understanding of what it is; now I understand it is as a database. I’ll go and play about with Google Docs when I go home as I already have a Google email account. It was great to see how I can use Google Docs in the future – I didn’t realise that it was that easy. Fantastic.

Harley’s hard work;29/07/2016

After a short recap of what we have done and learned so far, we began the process of creating an A5 flyer.

Working through a tailor-made activity sheet:We began by accessing Google Docs via our in-class Gmail account.

The task was completed by our sharing our flyer with the class on the ‘Bold’ website, and noting that copies of them all were also to be seen on our individual Google Drive accounts.

Employability? It’s just what I want to be

It’s funny how things can work out. Connections are surprising things – you connect with a place for one reason and it can work out that you gain something else. I connected with the Employability Club because I was looking for something for my son to do during the summer and it looks like now that I’ve found something very significant to do for myself.