Think of the future ahead.

As I am now confidently finding my way around the idea of learning and exploring new skills, I would like to utilise and gain further skills in the future.

What exactly, I am not yet totally sure, however, I am keen to learn and develop useful transferable skills which would enable me to move away from the ‘normal’ 9-5 slug and find something enjoyable to occupy my time whilst engineering a decent income at the same time, which is fun & flexible too.


Google Sheets: Learning the ropes…

‘Excel’ with all the anxiety removed:

We were given a slightly simplified business scenario; to develop, expand, and manipulate. Working from a question-sheet we were asked to complete the layout of a profit against cost spread sheet. This required us to alter the variables to in order to arrive at an optimum number of clients, sessions and desired profit level:In accordance with known market rates.

This exercise clearly showed the effectiveness of spread-sheet formula calculations to bring about real-time effects of changes to client numbers and increased overhead costs. Turning ‘what-ifs’ into resultant effects.

A productive, yet enjoyable morning’s work.

Today’s blog highlights spread sheet formula & applications

I was so happy with today’s learning experience as we looked at setting up a course based on making a profit for a training room hire event.

There was much to consider including fixed costs associated like your admin cost,publicity/promotion,equipment & how many students to accommodate.

The best part was working out tutor costs and room hire information as well as how many sessions would be required to break even.

On entering statistical data, it worked out well, so watch this space for the future!

Feeling confident for the next time.

Tutor summary, 05 August 2016

What you did or learnt, session 6 (Apps!)

Blog exercise A

  1. Saved a photo (the parrot) from your email to your course flash drive and your Google Drive.
  2. Moved the photo to the ‘images’ Drive folder.
  3. Posted the photo on this course blog.

Google sheets exercise

  1. Dragged a csv format data file (London JSA claimants 2014) to the ‘data’ Drive folder.
  2. Opened the data file in Google Sheets, and continued the exercise as a spreadsheet taster
  3. Added column headings and new columns to the spreadsheet.
  4. Created formulae for total number and percentage of JSA claimants in each London borough.
  5. Sorted the spreadsheet on population % (lowest to highest).
  6. Created a column chart to help visualise the data.
  7. Edited the chart to improve presentation.
  8. Downloaded the spreadsheet to your course flash drive in MS Excel format.
  9. Shared the spreadsheet with everyone else with a account.
  10. Used Google Docs to embed the chart in a document (this is where we discovered one of the limitations of the Google Apps).

Blog exercise B

  • Made a blog post about what you did or learnt during the session.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Drive, Email, Docs and Sheets ( custom version).
  • WordPress blog (this one).

What I did today

In today’s lesson I first created a new Blog titled “Parrot on a Bike”  This was shared with everyone at the website.

We then worked on Google Sheets studying data from spreadsheets relating to JSA claimants 2014 from all London Boroughs. We then added additional columns and headers,  formulas for totals and percentages.

The data was then converted into a bar chart and then edit changes to the text, size, color etc. All work was saved on the Google Drive docs and on the Hard-drive. VERY GOOD LESSON


What Evren Gray did today

Today we created a google sheets document and column chart of data recording the percentages of JSA claimants of London boroughs in 2014.  We entered formulae to change number totals to percentages and set the data out in A-Z form to make it easier to understand.  We also edited text size, font size and text angles on the axis.

We also published a blog post of ‘the Parrot’ image.

Harley’s doings for – Friday 5/8/16

Today was all about ‘Google Sheets’ accessed in the Cloud associated with my ‘’ gmail account.

I took a data-sheet concerned with JSA claimant numbers in London as of 2014, sorted by borough.

I extended the data to reveal percentages by population and arranged them in ascending order – from Richmond upon Thames (the lowest %), to Hackney (the highest % – but only just)

From this I generated a (column) Bar Chart;added textual context and downloaded this all to the Flash Drive, and copied it to the ‘data’ file on my Google drive.

Tutor summary, 29 July 2016

What you did or learnt, session 5 (Apps!)

Blog exercise A

  1. Decided whether to make your video posts (from the previous week) public or private.
  2. Made a blog post about your hopes and expectations for the employability project.

Google Docs exercise

  1. Used Google Docs to make an A5 flyer for the employability project – illustrated with the stock portrait photo that you had saved to Google Drive the previous week.
  2. Downloaded the flyer to your course flash drive in MS Word and PDF formats.

Blog exercise B

  • Made a blog post about what you did or learnt during the session.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Docs and Email ( custom version).
  • Commercial stock photos.
  • WordPress blog (this one).

My Testimonial Post for what I did today

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity I have been given because of your kind generosity in Granting us your monetary fund.

I have learnt so far.many different apps including today.  I have been able to use Google and from there I was able to use Google Drive.  Publishing my work and include it in my team work.

Queenie and Joyce with a laptop and microphone
Queenie (right) interviewing Joyce (left). The other learners were in the training room – listening to the live stream, making notes.

Todays update from Dacey

Today I started by creating an A5 Flyer promoting the benefits of Employability Club. The Flyer was then posted on the blog to share with everyone at “Bold” I also shared the video I made last week on the blog.

Very pleased with what I have achieve to far.


Evren Grays’ update of todays learning

Good morning today has been a challenging yet exciting days work, including a review of last weeks’ video work which we uploaded to the vimeo account, revising the ‘Cloud’ looking at a ‘small businesses strategy’, a walkthrough of making a simple blog post, a walkthrough creating an A5 and Google Doc with the team.

Joey’s First steps

This was a good day. A start, a beginning, a step, something to build on. I learnt what ‘the cloud’ is today. I’ve heard the phrase thrown around by many and had a vague understanding of what it is; now I understand it is as a database. I’ll go and play about with Google Docs when I go home as I already have a Google email account. It was great to see how I can use Google Docs in the future – I didn’t realise that it was that easy. Fantastic.

Harley’s hard work;29/07/2016

After a short recap of what we have done and learned so far, we began the process of creating an A5 flyer.

Working through a tailor-made activity sheet:We began by accessing Google Docs via our in-class Gmail account.

The task was completed by our sharing our flyer with the class on the ‘Bold’ website, and noting that copies of them all were also to be seen on our individual Google Drive accounts.