What I did on Friday 6th January 2017

Today I learnt about  document design for the workplace. I found this really interesting and exciting as I had no previous knowledge of designing documents.

The task was to change the design of a document to make it easier for an elderly visually impaired person to easily read the document.

I learnt how to do automatic changes to the document i.e. making changes that would affect the whole document. Whereas I usually did manual changes which did not change the entire document.

I learnt :-

  1. The difference between the main heading, the sub headings and the body of the document.
  2. I practiced how to configure individual styles which included setting the fonts, font size, colour and paragraph tab spacing.
  3. I learnt how to place emphasis on a particular word in a document.
  4. I learnt about themes which are basically collections of styles
  5. Finally, I explored style sets, colours, fonts, and also paragraph spacing

What I learned today

Started Document design for the workplace course – including opening my G Suite  account and a GCF learnfree account.

Most importantly using ‘Styles’ to change the ‘Theme’ and design a document first before word processing to keep consistency, and not using manual formatting.

Through Page Layout – themes- the whole ‘Styles’ preview could be changed. Through ‘Change Styles’ I could modify the -font, colour, style set and paragraph spacing.

What i learnt today!

Today i learnt about formatting a document.  The lay-out, using best type fonts, size of fonts.  Also how to emphasise information by hi-lighting words or sentences by using bold letters, italic letters, changing fonts sizes, alignments, colour and spacing.

Not forgetting when sending documents to use PDF format to prevent changes being made.

Creation of styles

We learned about many things including Style,Colours,Different Fonts, Bold, Underline,Italic. I was able to use Themes for changing Documents and creating PDF.

Being a learner, It helps me to learn more about things never known and able to work on it.

My favourite things today again was able to have a lady called Laura Turner helping me out as a volunteer and Looking forward in making my C.V which is my priority.

What I did on Wednesday the 4th of January:1st class of the new course.

After we were presented with two copies of the course introduction document;in slightly different formats.

We explored both versions electronically; using Word 2010.

Using ‘Styles’ and ‘Themes’:-

We explored the possibilities of altering the headline, sub-headline and topic-title lines. We altered each aspect of the texts – size, colour and font.

We spent some time on this exercise; changing it all to look rather worse than it did and eventually altering the whole document in a way to suited ourselves.

Penultimately, we explored our GCFLearnFree account.

Finally – as ever, this blog-comment was created.


I have learned a great deal this afternoon at Rick New Year workshop!

  • Seen the same document layout in two different styles and I was able to change the font size, colour, emphasis to demonstrate how these changes could be made throughout the entire document.
  • No manual alterations are to be made ever
  • Everything must be carried out using the modify option!!!
  • It has been creative, fun and enlighting learning to make so much changes in such a short time.
  • I will find todays very useful when considering creating documents.
  • I was also given much support from Tom and our wonderful volunteers Laura Turnbull, Laura Turner