What I learnt On the course

The email course opened my eyes to more knowledge.

I have learnt so much about email from Rick :  composing, sending, labeling, filtering and attachment.  He went further in showing us how to sign our names and even our title at the end so that the reader knows who it is from and makes it official.

Today, we refreshed our memory on what we did last week and used our ‘keepass’ programme.  We setup and was given information about Thunderbird that it is a free package allowing it to be an Outlook client.  He also showed us and tell us about being an Administrator for the email domain and what information we can obtain from it.

Finally, emailing our certificate to ourselves.

What I did today, 22/2/17

Today I investigated the usefulness of adding multiple email addresses to an IMAP client email (Thunderbird) – so as to collate all incoming mail in one inbox, that can vied without needing to use an internet browser.

In addition to this I was given some insight into what is available to an administrator of a commercial email system; who and when someone logged-in, for instance.

This entire course was a welcome refresher to what I was taught on a similar course some little time ago.

Nowhere else, I’m sure, could I have learned and practiced so much of what is available and useful in an average email account; the file & folder filters will be especially important in my day to day usage.

Thank you Rick Crust and Age UK (East London)

What I Did Today

It was wonderful today. I learnt a lot.

We did a refresher on email and its attachment from last week. We then continued to create labels for our incoming emails and filter and archive.

We now understood and view email as a different animal (smile).

We then got deeper and serious into passwords and how we can use one of many password programme. We follow exercise on how to create long and complexed password that could last over 50 years.

What I learned today: 15/2/17

Today was a refresher for me. A re-run of Email filters, labels and archiving. All vital aspects of Email management.

The highlight was an introduction to password security, especially securing intricate/elaborate/long password creation and storing – using the KeePass software. A PC or portable Flash-Drive secure storage facility.

Harley Shaw

Tutor summary, 8 February 2017

What you did or learnt, session 2 (Email for the workplace 2)

  1. Contacts revision: added a new email contact from a CSV data file.
  2. Attachments revision: sent a document attachment to your personal email address (did you get it?)
  3. Created an email signature.
  4. Used Google Sheets with ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ to send personalised bulk mail to other members of the team.
  5. Subscribed to the HCVS Newsletter.
  6. Added the HCVS Newsletter sender to your contacts list.
  7. Sent an email to the course blog about what you had learnt.


Resources used

  • Course flash drives.
  • Google Apps for Work Email (bold.org.uk custom version).
  • ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ app.
  • WordPress blog (this one).