What I did and learned today, 1/2/17

On finding a new email in my gmail account which contained pictures of pubs in Hackney…

-I first uploaded each picture to ‘My Drive’.

-Next I downloaded each picture to the ‘Downloads’ folder on the course Flash Drive.

From here I practised attaching these same pictures to emails; from gmail and Thunderbird.

I was then taken on a walk-through of the email web-page;the various folders etc.

Things did indeed go swimmingly today, if this holds-up we should be able to cover all aspects of emailing and practise much, the better to get the hang of things.

And, it was all fun.

What I learned today

I learned a lot about gmail which I have never used before. I imported contacts from my EC account so that I have everybody on the course in my email contacts.I learned how to save attachments to a file & then how to then retrieve them. Also how to send them as an attachment to an email. I am hoping to learn how to set up & use a better email for business use. I also would like to know methods to open attachments that won’t open.