What I made a mess of today….

Well, it all began well but in the end I was flummoxed by embedding images into an email, but successes included speaking with people who are also taking the course.

It was interesting to find out from people that email and control of it is an issue for all. It can be issues as simple as how to deal with spam that can sully people’s experience of using email.

Unfortunately for job seekers the consequences of difficulties with email can be extremely severe, particularly with the power of benefit sanctions hanging overhead.

Our quest continues.


It worked!!

What I did at Employability today

Today I learnt to to save attachments sent to me via emails first to my Google Drive then saved onto my flash drive.

I then sent an email to the Blog Post with the photo attachments I had saved on my flash drive.

Another exercise I completed was to Import my contact list from my flash drive to contacts in my Google Mail account. I then sent an email from the contact list to “Mail Team”


What I did today

Today was a great start as we learnt how to prepare an email via .logging into my bold account.

I sent an email to my team as a team leader thanking them for their hard work on a recent contract which enabled us to complete on time and within budget.  This was rewarded with a team evening out & meal.

The other part of the session was to compose an email to the team at bold and download three attachments into the email using google drive to provide evidence that I was able to preform this task.

However, I did encounter some issues regarding the size of the pictures!

*(This reminds me to double check that I save my attachments in the documents file for future reference.

All together this was a worthwhile exercise.

I hope this blog has been useful.


Frankie Rose

Team Leader

What I did today at the employability club…

Hi there,

I’ve being doing email all wrong – who knew?

The structured approach to email has taught me a great deal about the many bad habits I’ve picked up over the years.

I can now see where so much of time goes – in the  future I will save so much time, and get so much more done.

-Importing contacts

-Saving files to the cloud & to the flash drive

-attaching files and inserting them into the text-body of an email…

All very useful stuff.