What I did today: Label, filter and achive -Managing my emails sent from Futurelearn

Today was another helpful, useful learning achievement!

It was great learning how to address and filter incoming emails, so they are labelled to be pre-designated into a specified folder.

I know from past experience that I learn and pick things up *(Sometimes really quick, other times and solely dependent on the amount of air space inside my head at any one given time!)

(It can take a while to sink in, settle and register!) LOL!!

Thankfully, today my brain was very much engaged & it functioned extremely well, as I was able to follow all of the given instructions provided in it’s correct sequence and formats….. Yippeee!!

I would say this was solely down to having an early night & a good nights sleep as I’m not much of a late night person!

So all the information flowed really well today.

I’m extremely proud of my achievements.

Thanks again Rick, you did it again!

Plenary session practical – email ‘label’ filtering…

Dear all,

This being a mixed session;coursework, sign-up for the next course and drop-in, the job at hand had to be fitted in between doing other things.

I was asked to repeat the label filtering exercise we did last week. This time to to filter incoming emails from ‘Future Learn’: A very useful online learning facility; open to all.

It all went quite well.

Roll on next week.

All for now,


What I learned today

What I learned today was managing email. This exercise has enabled me to filter my emails labell and automatically save in archive so that it can be found in a special folder I was able to complete a subscription form on line which will enable me to search for on line jobs. I then received a confirmation .

I then send another email via a device to the Club which was also received..I learned that I can send emails via thunderbrd app and it can appear on google chrome.

I also filled evaluation form and submit it

What I did in class today


Today I started by looking at a Desktop email client “Thunderbird” this is one of many free providers available.

Next I learnt how to sort inbox and how to change format e.g sort by date order. then how to manager emails by creating folders and labels. This exercise was very helpful as it showed me how to manage emails by putting all contacts in labels.

I then looked at my tablet and was able to see my email on the tablet was synchronized with the labels I had set up.

Finished the lesson by completing online course assessment survey.

Very good last lesson for the course.

Good Luck to you all.

Dacey Lee