searching for ALL IN ONE PCs

Today we searched for All IN ONE PC’s had to research what how a all in one PC differs from normal PCs.  The Unit contains screen, operating system, hard drive, memory and can be produced as desk top or lap top version.  Looked at refurbished quality PCs and budget price range. most important for our group was screen size and operation system suitable for our project.  Best Price was 249.00

what I did today

Spreadsheet formulae- using formula bar to change the % rate.
Search exercise for an All IN One computer: description finding a review and a price to suit our mission.  Finding the specifications that we require for a refurbished AIO PC and entring our answers to a survey.

Searched and saved a relevant,  recent medium sized colour photo and saved the image

What Lex did

Today we discuss in depth screen ratios and optimon  size screens and aspect needed to for our new company laptops.

Which magazine laptop test survey was helpful for selecting specifications and price point.

We were able to calculate correct height of screen required by using spread sheet table.

Also sourced pictures of hackney shop fronts via wed site for blog.


What I learned today

Looked at a ‘Which’ magazine review of different laptop tests for the domestic consumer market.  Checked out the specifications of ‘Asus’ E200 from an article. We searched for 3 images labelled for non-commercial use and larger than 400×300 pixels and saved them to ‘Downloads’.  We searched for refurbished laptops using the ‘Tools’ button investigating size, colour, type and usage rights. Searched for a screen size of at least 10 inches high and entered the results onto a spreadsheet.


What I did on Wednesday the 14th of December…

Quite a busy day:

We read through a table on laptop comparisons from Which! magazine, and investigated the information contained there.

We explored another (deeper) level of web search;using the various criteria available;All, Image etc.

Under the image search we worked to find images of at least a ‘given dimension’ that were free to use – and amend, in a non-commercial setting. These were of shop-fronts in the Hackney area. These (3) I then saved to to the Flash Drive ‘pictures’ folder and to my Google Drive cloud account.

I then returned to the Procurement Team Sheet to work with the screen-aspect tool. This gives figures on screen height and width for a given diameter, in a whole range of different screen-aspects

What we learnt on 14th December 2016

We reviewed the Asus E200. We were given the task of finding price, screen size, memory, storage, weight and OS.

We also learnt how to input into  spreadsheet to find the optimal screen height for a screen not less than 10 inches.

We also did an image search exercise finding and saving shop front in Hackney of a particular size.

We also went through various google search options and search tools. We also learnt about the different web browsers.

We looked at a print out of Which magazine tests of laptops

What I did on the 8th of December…

We continued to practice internet searches. Today we were tasked to answer a set of questions regarding the retail prices of Windows software and Apple hardware then to add these into our spreadsheet.

I discovered that the prices shown varied widely;this I was informed was because some versions of the software had been extracted from old equipment, then sold-on as refurbished.

What Lex did

Today we searched for retail prices for Operating Systems such as:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.

Microsoft Office not-subscribed

MacBook Pro 15″

which we added to our procurement team spreadsheet.  Discussed  best screen aspect sizes, storage, memory , AppleMac OS Linux and ChromeOS.

Learnt alot today about the operating system  which will help future purchasing.