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Free support for Hackney residents aged 50 to 150

Hackney Employability Club - free for Hackney citizens aged 50 to 150 Free help and support for Hackney seniors still in the job market Trying to survive on JSA, ESA, UC, or other working-age benefit? No benefits? Worried about sanctions? No income at all? Precarious part-time or zero-hours work? You are not alone in Hackney Drop-in Internet access and job search, Professional volunteer support, Email newsletter, CV help, Courses Help with job search Help with your digital gadgets - phones, tablets, laptops Help with job applications and interviews Support for self-employment Our volunteers can help you make a really good CV Help starting your own business Regular volunteer support with business professionals Hackney Employability Project: - Email: , Phone: 07572 920 542

Are you: unemployed, under-employed, self-employed, part-time, full-time, surviving on JSA, ESA, PIP, UC, Carers’ Allowance – or no benefit at all?

Do you sometimes need support with computers, forms, CVs, interviews, job applications, business plans, apps, office software, workplace practices — or anything else?

We are here to help! Use our online contact form — or contact us directly by phone or email. The easiest way to do that is to tap on the buttons below — and if you would like information in a letter, please tell us your name and postal address.

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This page was updated: 27 August 2017