Apps for creative teamwork

A free course for creative digital beginners.

Imaginary workplace, real creative skills

The setting for this course is an imaginary social enterprise named Bold, which has been awarded the imaginary account to build the real website for Employability Club, and to publicise the real employability project. Every Wednesday afternoon during March, Kingsland Hub will be a real workplace, where Bold interns like you will create posters, flyers, slide shows, photo galleries, blog posts, perhaps even more – helped by fast business Internet.

About G Suite apps and the cloud

Like most new start-ups, Bold organises its business processes in the cloud. Bold interns know exactly what that means, because they use cloud apps for nearly everything, including communication and their core creative output.

G Suite is a well-known teamwork office package, previously named Google Apps for Work. The package runs entirely in the cloud. If you have a Gmail address, you already have free versions of the apps that are almost as good as ours. But the difference is important – our pro version facilitates team collaboration and sharing within an enterprise. Understanding how that works is a major 21st century employability asset.

What you will learn and achieve as a bold intern

Course participants are Bold interns – learning how to collaborate with other people to produce something original and useful – just as in any other workplace. You will be part of a team discovering how to use free digital tools to create materials for effective marketing and publicity. At the first session (‘induction & ideas’), we will decide – as a team – exactly what we will aim for by the end of the month.