Apps for the workplace

Original announcement

Outcomes and outputs

Learners will …

  • Gain a better understanding of digital workplace practice (emphasising collaboration, security and controlled sharing) and how it differs from personal and recreational computing.
  • Use cloud-based apps to create content that can be displayed online (with their own name attached, if they wish).
  • Understand their own progress within the digital skills framework for the course.
  • Edit their own certificates of digital achievement.

Software resources

Personalised Google ‘Apps for Work’ accounts on – an enterprise domain that is also integrated with team collaboration tools such as Slack, and authenticated access to this WordPress site.

Bold users have authenticated access to many other cloud tools (eg- Skype, Vimeo, Spreaker, Soundcloud, Pixlr) but we won’t be using all of them.


The ‘Apps’ courses under development now are based on earlier courses delivered successfully at Kingsland Hub. See for examples of output from some of those previous courses (without an employability focus).

We have been using versions of Google ‘Apps for Work’ for about ten years. Slack is a recent popular addition to our repertoire, first used November 2015.

We have been running beginner courses with personalised Android tablets intensively for three years.

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