Apps! course announcement

Apps! — a beginner course for employability

Imaginary workplace, real digital skills

The setting for this new course will be an imaginary social enterprise named Bold, which has been awarded the imaginary account to build the real website for Employability Club and to publicise the real employability project. You will be taken on as an imaginary intern, a beginner expecting to gain important skills and experience for your next job.

New ways to do old things – apps, the cloud, mobile gadgets

Like many businesses and most new start-ups, Bold does everything using cloud apps. You will find out exactly what that means, because you will be using them for everything you do on the course – including email, basic word-processing, creating flyers, slide shows, photo galleries, blog posts, spreadsheets, online video, and more – on laptops and tablets, using amazingly fast business wifi.

What you will learn, what you will have to show at the end

The course is about collaborating with other people to produce something useful – just as in any other workplace. You will be part of a team using simple digital tools to research opportunities and services for older people in Hackney. You will learn how to find information on the World Wide Web, create simple materials for marketing and publicity, put your achievements online – and always with privacy and security in mind. You will even be able to make your own certificate of digital achievement.

You can do it – we can prove it!

Perhaps the most important result – you will learn that this is not only very interesting – it’s really quite easy.

If you have email, you are at the right level for this course

The level is beginner – but not absolute beginner. If you have an email address that you know how to use – without help – you should be ready for this course.

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