Email for the workplace – course announcement

Everything there is to know about email

The overall theme of the course is work-related contact and communication. You will be using a professional-standard email system – not recreational email, and not your own personal email account.

Who is it for?

This is a course for relative beginners. If you have an email address that you know how to use without much help, you are ready. Join us if you have a ‘yes’ answer to any of these …

  • Are you concerned that your email skills are insufficient for job search?
  • Are you contemplating self-employment and need to escape from spammy recreational email?
  • Do you suspect that you have not kept up with continuous changes in the way email is used?
  • Would you like a better understanding of what a future employer might expect from you?

Imaginary workplace, real work skills

The setting for this new course will be an imaginary social enterprise startup named Bold which has been awarded the imaginary account to promote and publicise the real Employability Club. You will be taken on as an imaginary intern, a beginner expecting to gain important skills and experience for your next job.

Course content

We will assume that you are on top of basic email concepts – so we will review how you actually use email now, then move on to professional usage, eg-

  • Managing & organising email: folders and labels
  • Avoiding and dealing with spam
  • Email privacy and security
  • Using contacts and address books
  • Draft email
  • Email merge: email newsletters
  • Email signatures
  • Out-of-office replies
  • Email attachments
  • Using email with other apps
  • Desktop email
  • Mobile app email

What you will learn, what you will have to show at the end

The course has two primary objectives

  • More efficient and effective use of email for job seekers.
  • An understanding of email use in the workplace, with emphases on privacy, security, team collaboration.

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