Email for the workplace (2)

Everything there is to know about email

Total email

The first working title for this course was ‘Total Email’ – then we thought it should have a name that makes more sense on your CV. But we haven’t changed the content or objectives. It’s about helping you understand everything there is to know about email – in a workplace context.

The overall theme of the course is work-related contact and communication. You will be using a professional-standard email system – not free, recreational email, and not your own personal email account.

Who is it for?

This is a course for relative beginners. If you have an email address that you know how to use without much help, you are ready. Join us if you have a ‘yes’ answer to any of these …

  • Are you concerned that your email skills are insufficient for job search
  • Are you contemplating self-employment and need to escape from spammy recreational email
  • Do you suspect that you have not kept up with continuous changes in the way email is used?
  • Would you like a better understanding of what a future employer might expect from you?

Help with your personal and job search email

Would you like help with your own email account? That’s what our Friday drop in sessions are for – individual help and support from our teams of city business volunteers. They are all enthusiastic helpers and most are quite young, so their IT skills are first-class. As part of the course package, we can arrange optional 1:1 help for our learners on Friday mornings or afternoons.


Learners will …

  • Gain a better understanding of email in the workplace (emphasising collaboration, security and privacy) and how it differs from personal and recreational email.
  • Improve their ability to communicate effectively with agencies and employers.
  • Understand their own progress within the digital skills framework for the course.

Software resources

Personalised G Suite (previously Google ‘Apps for Work’) accounts on – an enterprise domain that is also integrated with team collaboration tools such as Slack, and authenticated access to this WordPress site.


We have been using versions of Google ‘Apps for Work’ for about ten years. It was renamed ‘G Suite’ October 2016.

Course outputs

This isn’t everything that the learners have done — just what can be published by email. They did a lot more.