Web search for the workplace

A business-oriented course for people who know nothing about business

This short course will continue our current learning theme of workplace practices using cloud software. Level: intermediate.

As usual, everybody on the course will be an intern learner at imaginary social enterprise Bold. The intern team will be given an urgent business mission:

Research the purchase of computers for an employability training room almost identical to the room we use at Kingsland Hub.

The team will …

  • Research suppliers and costs
  • Research what sort of equipment is suitable for the purpose
  • Add research results to a shared online document
  • Investigate alternative proposals
  • Avoid overspending (the maximum allowed will be £3000)
  • Demonstrate all costs in a shared online worksheet
  • Initiate (but not conclude) an online business purchase

Individual interns cannot do this on their own in only four sessions – but it should be possible for a team.

So what would you learn on the course? There are four main elements …

1. Serious web-based research – improve search skills

We will start the course by making sure everybody significantly improves their web search ability. Effective research should not be judged by the number of immediate answers, but by the range of further questions that are revealed. Not sure what that means? That’s one good reason for doing the course.

2. Understanding computer marketing

Despite the apparent focus on digital technology, this is not an IT course. You  would certainly acquire new knowledge, but not about domestic consumer computing and the marketing gibberish you see on TV and magazines. You would learn about the real thing, in just enough depth to complete the mission.

3. Using spreadsheets – a key skill

We will use spreadsheet software to store information, make calculations and explore different scenarios. There won’t be a lot of spreadsheet work, but there will be enough to keep enthusiasts happy.

4. Team collaboration and sharing

The team will use the G Suite package of cloud apps (formerly named ‘Google Apps for Work’) for nearly everything. These apps are designed specifically for sharing documents within teams.

Course outputs